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This site helps visitors use words in a sentence. When one is searching for example sentences which show how to use a word in a sentence, is a great resource to visit and utilize.

To find sentences for the word you’re looking for on our site, probably the quickest way is to use the search box, located in the upper right of the page as well as the bottom right. Another method is to select the first two letters of your word by using the “Choose first 2 letters” drop down menu box on the lower left corner of the pages.

After you have researched the particular word that is being searched for, it’s often fun to explore other pages on the site, to see how one can make sentences with other words. The “Surprise me” link shows visitors a randomly selected post on SentenceFor.

If vistors have additional sample sentences for a word these can be added in the comment box at the end of the site’s articles.

Whether looking for sentences with various words, a sentence for a word, or how to make a sentence using various words, this site can likely be of assistance. Bookmarking this site makes it easy and efficient to find it again the next time you’re looking for how to use a word in a sentence.