Reference list

Here is the mapping from the number at the end of each example sentence to the author of the book or other source which contains that sentence.

(0) – Various, Thomas Davidson. Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary. 1908.
(1) – Ambrose Bierce. The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce, Vol. II: In the Midst of Life: Tales of Soldiers and Civilians. 1909.
(2) – Robert Louis Stevenson. The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson. 1891.
(3) – Winton James Baltzell. A Complete History of Music for Schools, Clubs, and Private Readings. 1908.
(4) – Jane Austen. The Works of Jane Austen.
(5) – Georg Ebers. Complete Short Works of Georg Ebers.
(6) – Charles James Lever. The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, Complete. 1839.
(7) – Ambrose Bierce. The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce.
(8) – John Galsworthy. Collected Works of Galsworthy.
(9) – William Dean Howells. The Works of William Dean Howells.
(10) – George Meredith. Works of George Meredith.
(11) – Website.
(12) – Jacob Wassermann. The World’s Illusion, Volume 2. 1920.
(13) – Robert Herrick. The Common Lot. 1904.
(14) – Horace Elisha Scudder. James Russell Lowell, A Biography vol 2. 1901.
(15) – Not used.
(16) – Various, Willard Grosvenor Bleyer. The Profession of Journalism A Collection of Articles on Newspaper Editing and Publishing. 1918.
(17) – Harold Vandervoort Walsh. The Construction of the Small House. 1923.
(18) – Benjamin F. Comfort. Arnold’s Tempter. 1908.
(19) – Beckles Willson. Canada. 1907.
(20) – F. D. Millet. The Danube From the Black Forest to the Black Sea. 1892.
(21) – W. C. Thompson. On the Road With a Circus. 1905.
(22) – George Meredith. Rhoda Fleming, Complete.

To find additional detail such as the title of the specific book which the sentence is from and perhaps even the exact book page number, searching for the sample sentence in quotes in a search engine will often provide the information.