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  • Above us, white ships of cloud were sailing rapidly across the dark river of sky on the wind which smelled of change. (8)
  • A blowing sound, and the glim of the candle which was fingering the dusk above, went out; silence reigned. (8)
  • A heavy tree spread a thick canopy above their heads, and the haze darkened slowly over the river. (8)
  • A spot of blue signalled his victory above. (10)
  • A strange air of detachment was about that youthful, shabby figure, and not a scrap of luggage filled the rack above his head. (8)
  • And on again to the window opened to the cold starry night above Hyde Park, with his father lying dead. (8)
  • Antonia was leaning forward; her cheeks were crimson above the pallor of her neck. (8)
  • As I looked landward, the mountains reared their huge crests, one above the other, to the farthest any eye could reach. (6)
  • At that very moment, too, a low moaning came from the room above. (8)
  • Berry was a soft, not a timid, woman: and it happened this night that her thoughts were above the fears of the dark. (10)
  • Besides, leaders of men have always notoriously been above the honours of grammar. (10)
  • But as he bent to drink, something snapped, and, with a sigh, Swithin Forsyte died above the bubbles…. (8)
  • But from above the portal of the Home for Old Men the name shouted in stone. (1)
  • But she had certainly looked above, not at him. (10)
  • Dennant took out her handkerchief, and, bending above the rose, removed a tiny insect. (8)
  • Dennant was bending above a camera. (8)
  • During this conversation they had both heard a singular intermittent noise above. (10)
  • Girls of her kind, airing their wings above the sphere of their birth, are cryingly adventuresses. (10)
  • Glorious and solely glorious love, that has risen above emotion, quite independent of craving! (10)
  • He came one Sunday afternoon to have me call with him on Maxim Gorky, who was staying at a hotel a few streets above mine. (9)
  • He came to the old chalk-pit above Wansdon with his mind no more made up than when he started. (8)
  • He crossed the wooded neck above the valley, and began descending, peering into gulfs of the twilight dusk. (10)
  • He had a fine color, and his eyes, as keen as they were kind, twinkled restlessly above the wholesome russet-red of his cheeks. (9)
  • He passed above it, and from my point of view was sharply outlined against the blue. (1)
  • He slid one hand into a side of his frock above the girdle, and tossed a bag of coin. (10)
  • Her body is husbanded; but her soul is above her body. (10)
  • Her eyes above his grey and close-cropped head seemed grateful that he did not reproach her, glad of that caress. (8)
  • How if there be danger and menace above? (10)
  • I beg your pardon if I seemed to set her above you. (9)
  • I seemed to rise right above the roofs of London, beneath which I had been but a wandering atom a few minutes ago. (10)
  • In fact, he affirmed, the salon descended from above, out of the great world, and included the aesthetic world in it. (9)
  • In that dim continual journey she was like a disharmonic spirit traversing the air above where its body lies. (8)
  • It was five in the morning, and four thousand feet above the sea; and I had to bury my hands in my pockets and trot. (2)
  • Lord Ormont has eyes of an eagle for a speck above the surface. (10)
  • Not infrequently he would come and sit brooding on the grassy hillock just above the churchyard. (8)
  • One brilliant star hung above the ridge, and danced on her tears. (10)
  • Pendyce, who had so often seen her husband look like that, leaned out of the window above the noisy street. (8)
  • Raikes did his best to keep his head above the surface of the rapid flood. (10)
  • Riven and torn with cannon-shot, the trunks of the trees protruded bunches of splinters like hands, the fingers above the wound interlacing with those below. (7)
  • She had lived hitherto in upper air, high above the clouds of earth. (10)
  • She pulled the valves open and found it a bit of paper attached to a thread dangling from above. (9)
  • She was close above the shore before she saw him standing in the rock archway, looking for her across the beach. (8)
  • She, like Laura Fiaveni, had bent her head above a slaughtered husband, but, unlike Laura, Marcellina Ammiani had not buried her heart with him. (10)
  • Shrapnel above the bravest I have ever had the luck to meet. (10)
  • Tattling observers were estimated at their small importance there, as everywhere, by one so high above them. (10)
  • The back of his head bulged out above the lines of his lean neck and high, sharp shoulders; his grey hair was cropped quite close. (8)
  • The blossom sprayed out above her head, and one pink cluster brushed her cheek. (8)
  • The fear of the mixed audience is ever suspended above his head. (8)
  • The reason why all this was to be done by him alone, was such as I have given above. (4)
  • The sight of a fellow-being hovering in mortal peril above her head seemed unendurable. (5)
  • The style of the letter was much above her expectation. (4)
  • The voice hied on, sank, seemed swallowed; it rose, as if above water, in a hush of wind and trees. (10)
  • The water gleamed with dashes of red, and red, too, were many of the stones protruding above the surface. (1)
  • The wind, from the North, whereon floated the white birds of the smaller clouds, had no voice, for it was above barriers, utterly free. (8)
  • Their names, Livia and Henrietta, soared above her and sang the music of the splendid spheres. (10)
  • They do not make above the usual ninety-five per cent. (9)
  • They might have been reflections of the gas jet above him, in metal nail heads; he gave them but little thought and resumed his reading. (1)
  • This fair woodland court had three broad oaks, as for gateways; and the moon was above it. (10)
  • Though her nephew had had no particular reason to hasten back on her account, she had not lived above six-and-thirty hours after his return. (4)
  • When he had accomplished this it seemed sufficient in itself, and she had to think, to struggle to recall things beyond it, above it. (9)
  • You see the London above and the London below: round us the sleepy city, and the stars in the water looking like souls of suicides. (10)

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