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  • He peers in anxiously. (8)
  • Jackson asked anxiously. (13)
  • Carinthia rose anxiously. (10)
  • Thirza looked at him anxiously. (8)
  • But Blink, by anxiously licking Mr. (8)
  • Shelton, too, looked anxiously around. (8)
  • Both listened anxiously for the doings of Tasso. (10)
  • March anxiously scanned his face in taking his hand. (9)
  • They were in one of the upper rooms anxiously on the watch. (10)
  • Christian, settling his pillows, looked anxiously into his eyes. (8)
  • Sylvia had not gone up, and he saw her looking at him anxiously. (8)
  • He rose and looked anxiously back over the top of their carriage. (9)
  • Mrs. Shortman, too, biting her lips, looked anxiously at the sky. (8)
  • At the same time, the question of Henrietta touched her anxiously. (10)
  • He gave the driver her direction, and stood looking a little anxiously at her. (9)
  • Miss Halkett murmured anxiously to Mrs. Lespel, who returned a flitting shrug. (10)
  • She sighed anxiously, for she felt the trouble a woman knows in view of any great change. (9)
  • She had on her prettiest frock, of smoky-grey crepe, and she looked a little anxiously at the sky. (8)
  • With this Pierson had to be content; but, often that evening, she saw him looking at her anxiously. (8)
  • He anxiously asked the driver if the broad straw hats and the bright sacks and kirtles were no more. (9)
  • And the man was thinking likewise, in his way, of this coming event, anxiously, yet with confidence. (13)
  • When the door was closed, old Jolyon dropped his paper, and stared long and anxiously in front of him. (8)
  • He peered anxiously about, and asked after the money that he had had in his hand before he had fallen. (12)
  • My aunt Dorothy talked very anxiously about the day appointed by my father to repay the large sum expended. (10)
  • Once he jumped out of bed, lighted a candle, and going to the glass, scrutinised himself long and anxiously. (8)
  • The ladies asked him anxiously whether he felt the heat of the room; and one offered him a smelling-bottle. (10)
  • This was the substance of the letter, which upon the whole, satisfied me, and I waited anxiously for the reply. (6)
  • Henry and Eleanor were by themselves in the breakfast-room; and each, as she entered it, looked at her anxiously. (4)
  • Fulkerson affirmed this only interrogatively, and looked so anxiously to March for corroboration that March laughed. (9)
  • He began to look at himself anxiously, taking stock of his physical assets now that he had this dream of young beauty. (8)
  • He stood up, tall, square, bulky in his fur, looking anxiously down over the fields, and presently he saw them coming. (8)
  • She loved him hungrily and jealously, always in fear for him when he was absent, even anxiously when she had him near. (10)
  • Mrs. Pasmer did not look well herself; she spoke with her eyes fixed anxiously on the door Alice had just passed out of. (9)
  • He had told her that his heart had throbbed more anxiously during her daring feats than on the bloodiest field of battle. (5)
  • This time Mr. Stone looked at his daughter anxiously, and suddenly spoke, as if afraid that if he waited he might forget. (8)
  • Lord Dennis met her at the gate; and, having kissed her, looked at her somewhat anxiously, caressing his white peaked beard. (8)
  • Questioned anxiously by Dr. Glossop, Queeney maintained an impartial attitude, and said there was no victor, no vanquished. (10)
  • The piece was too profitable a one to abandon, so he looked about anxiously, to supply the deficiency in his corps dramatique. (6)
  • The intelligence, which had been so anxiously announced to her, she was now to be anxiously announcing to another. (4)
  • Soames saw his father and Nicholas glance at each other anxiously; and, on the other side of Swithin, Bosinney, still shrouded in smoke. (8)
  • He pursued her anxiously, politely, and at the head of her corridor took leave of her with a distinct sense of having merited his dismissal. (9)
  • She could scarcely eat any dinner, and when they afterwards returned to the drawing room, seemed anxiously listening to the sound of every carriage. (4)
  • Richard allowed a long minute to pass, during which the baronet waited anxiously for his voice, hardly recognizing it when he heard its altered tones. (10)
  • The poor thing while she talked stood leaning anxiously over toward Mrs. March, who had risen, and pressing the points of her fingers nervously together. (9)
  • For the present the first official relation of the unhappy fight of the 24th June is published, and is accordingly anxiously scanned and closely studied. (10)

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