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  • But the name for the actual motive? (10)
  • Yet actual internment was an extreme measure. (12)
  • A figure in white, scarcely actual, loomed up close. (8)
  • He has no actual life save in power of imagination. (10)
  • Hitherto I have seen no actual need of it, and I watch keenly. (10)
  • It made his love for Nedda more actual, less of an idealization. (8)
  • Not only is the money a vain thing to me, but an actual hindrance. (12)
  • It must be acquired by actual experience, on the circus band wagon. (21)
  • My people conquer nothing, win none; they are actual, yet uncommon. (10)
  • Between these two young people no actual word of love had yet been spoken. (8)
  • The thought of his actual position swamped the sickening disgust at tailordom. (10)
  • The actual loss must be even greater than this, for not all houses are insured. (17)
  • He realized her prospective generosity, and contrasted it with my actual obtuseness. (10)
  • Little by little her intelligence of her actual position crept up to submerge her heart. (10)
  • It was the actual sight of her that had aroused it, so personal is even the most gentle heart. (8)
  • The rain now fell in actual torrents; and a more miserable night it is impossible to conceive. (6)
  • For this kind of criticism there has even recently been claimed an actual identity with creation. (8)
  • She knew not how to support herself, and from actual weakness sat down and cried for half-an-hour. (4)
  • No parents of an attractive daughter should allow her to remain unaware of her actual position in the world. (10)
  • No greater poet ever wrote in prose, nor any one who more closely brought the actual shapes of men and things before us. (8)
  • The thought that she might go to the arms of another man made him put down his violin with a feeling of actual sickness. (8)
  • No more deeply fantastic writer can I conceive than Dostoievsky, nor any who has described actual situations more vividly. (8)
  • Their actual speed, heightened by some dread of the conclusion, made the road appear but half as long as on the day before. (4)
  • For it was a charm; an actual feminine, an unanticipated personal, charm; past reach of tongue to name, wordless in thought. (10)
  • It smote him with horror and anger; but he was much too manly to betray these actual sentiments, and continued to dissemble. (10)
  • It smote him with horror and anger; but he was much too manly to betray these actual sentiments, and continued to dissemble. (22)
  • They contained no actual complaint, nor was there any revival of past occurrences, or any communication of present suffering. (4)
  • It is this actual lack of experience, whatever verbal knowledge they have, which makes all the difference and all the trouble. (8)
  • It was at once attractive and refined, and he credited Beaton with quite all he merited in working it over to the actual shape. (9)
  • As to the actual results thus accomplished, other than the publicity obtained, the general public is not in a position to judge. (16)
  • Still, he was not justified in living beyond his means to that end, speculating rashly, and concealing his actual circumstances. (10)
  • Execution of an actual lunatic now and then is not an evil to the community, nor, when rightly considered, to the lunatic himself. (7)
  • It never had any actual love for him, or even any faith in him; his election was a mere incident of the chase of his predecessor. (16)
  • The two men composing most of us at the outset of actual life began their deadly wrestle within him, both having become awakened. (10)
  • The world of England discovered that the peace-party which opposed was the actual cause of the war: never was indication clearer. (10)
  • And there mingled apparently in her regret for Pere Brebeuf a confusing sense of his actual state as a portable piece of furniture. (9)
  • Her vigilant considerateness had dealt the sensitive gentleman a shock, plainly telling him she had her ideas of his actual posture. (10)
  • I suspect that a hopeful temperament and fondness for round numbers have always caused him to set his figures beyond his actual worth. (9)
  • That would make him talk in self-defence and he would take care not to press the request to the actual point of getting a subscription. (8)
  • His sophomoric style was the object of sneers and jeers from the men who had been trained in the school of actual practice at the desk. (16)
  • The infantry soldier feels a confidence in this cumbrous arm quite unwarranted by its actual achievements in thinning out the opposition. (7)
  • The majority were wealthy amateurs, zealous students of the classics and aflame with the desire for the actual revival of the Greek tragedy. (3)
  • That was his driving mood; but the craftsman in him, longing to be clear and poignant, made him more natural, more actual than most realists. (8)
  • Of this class in England, a large body, neither Puritan nor Bacchanalian, have a sentimental objection to face the study of the actual world. (10)
  • In the social world, as well as in the business world, the artist is anomalous, in the actual conditions, and he is perhaps a little ridiculous. (9)
  • She confessed to sensations of spite which would cause her to reject and spurn even his pleadings for Alvan, if they were imaginable as actual. (10)
  • I fancied there was a conspiracy to force me back from my pretensions by subjecting me to the contemplation of my bare self and actual condition. (10)
  • In actual fact, occasional instances of gross and unscrupulous financial control of newspapers for selfish or base ends must be admitted to exist. (16)
  • I had grown tolerably well acquainted with the young ladies and could exchange looks and even greetings with their guardian without actual repugnance. (1)
  • Besides that, actual fatigue from the wretched conveyance began to distress her, and she was scarcely able to support herself, though assisted by my arm. (6)
  • These sentences scarcely carried actual compliments when you knew the speakers; but outraged lovers cannot talk in that style after they have broken apart. (10)
  • These sentences scarcely carried actual compliments when you knew the speakers; but outraged lovers cannot talk in that style after they have broken apart. (22)
  • He never really forsook literature, and the world of actual interests and experiences afforded him outlooks and perspectives, without which aesthetic endeavor is self-limited and purblind. (9)

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Definition of actual:

  • actual, akt’-al, adj. real: existing in fact and now, as opp. to an imaginary or past state of things. | v.t. act’ualise, to make actual: to realise in action. | n. actual’ity. | adv. act’ually.(0)

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