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A sentence using the word despise. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. They use despise in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for despise.

  • I despise them. (10)
  • He would despise her. (10)
  • Say that you despise me! (9)
  • I despise all the peoples. (8)
  • I can afford to despise it. (10)
  • I should always despise myself. (9)
  • To despise them was ridiculous! (8)
  • Let no one despise the Old Dog. (10)
  • If I do not, you will despise me. (10)
  • How he used to despise these people! (10)
  • How he used to despise these people! (22)
  • Is this the self-accusing you despise? (10)
  • But do not despise a virtue purely Pagan. (10)
  • If you marry one you despise, look at the pit. (10)
  • If you marry one you despise, look at the pit. (22)
  • She looked at me downright defying me to despise her. (10)
  • Was it not enough to make her despise the games of men? (10)
  • They have done service enough to despise the envious mob. (10)
  • I despise my people too; even more, because they began this war. (8)
  • It seems as if I had no character at all, and I despise myself so! (9)
  • We go too far in pretending to despise every insult pitched at us. (10)
  • I should despise myself, and he would despise me too. (9)
  • But I should despise myself if I showed signs, like a worm under heel. (10)
  • If we do not feign when we say that we despise Folly, we shut the brain. (10)
  • No, there is no unjust meaning in it; but you despise me for seeing danger. (10)
  • She put him to proof, for the chance of arming her wickedest to despise him. (10)
  • Like you I will despise the sniggering throng, And please myself and my Creator. (10)
  • Captain Fort at all events did not despise her; and he was in trouble like herself. (8)
  • The democratic principle, which you despise, at root means nothing at all but that. (8)
  • If it were false, it could be refuted; we could despise it as a trick of journalism. (10)
  • Nor let the philosopher venture hastily to despise them as pipers to dilettante life. (10)
  • Your husband I abhor, Reginald I despise, and I am secure of never seeing either again. (4)
  • Despise him, if you please, and rank with the Countess, who despises him most heartily. (10)
  • Men of sense rarely obtain satisfactory answers: they are provoked to despise their kind. (10)
  • He was tempted to despise them when he marked their gradually lengthening chaps and eyeballs. (10)
  • In aspiration it is our error to despise her, forgetting that through Nature only can we ascend. (10)
  • He could not despise the suitor he sided with against another and seemingly now a more dangerous. (10)
  • Her folly, which now seemed even criminal, was all exposed to him, and he must despise her forever. (4)
  • After a term of prolonged preachification he is compelled to lash that he may less despise the age. (10)
  • In the case of the others, whom you despise so justly, I dare say it is sheer, disgraceful affection. (9)
  • At least, he knew she would despise him if he avoided the brutal challenge without some show of dignity. (10)
  • At least, he knew she would despise him if he avoided the brutal challenge without some show of dignity. (22)
  • Rhoda called up the pride of her womanhood that she might despise the man who had dared to distrust her. (10)
  • Rhoda called up the pride of her womanhood that she might despise the man who had dared to distrust her. (22)
  • Val walked out behind his mother, chin squared, eyelids drooped, doing his level best to despise everybody. (8)
  • Yet it had touches of nature and reality, and Basil could not utterly despise himself for having written it. (9)
  • Who could pretend to despise the honour of admission to the ranks of the proudest peerage the world has known! (10)
  • Mrs. Maynard told me about you, and I thought you would despise me for not doing or being anything in particular. (9)
  • After all, they had noble traits, and it was no great wonder they got, to despise us, seeing what most of us were. (9)
  • But this is certainly my experience, that misfortune makes me feel more and more superior to those whom I despise. (10)
  • Nevertheless she did not despise him as she might have despised him at the time of their marriage for his sordid soul. (13)
  • Why, then, despise the skittle-alley, the gramophone, those expressions of the spirit of my friend in the billy-cock hat? (8)
  • You are taught by your scribes to despise the dignity which is not supported by a multitude of bayonets, guns, and gold. (10)
  • Ah, how little do we know of fate, and how often do we despise circumstances that determine all our fortunes in the world. (6)
  • She promised to run from him at the first opportunity, to despise him ever after, and never to sing again in his hearing. (10)
  • Should he grin and bear it, and by doing nothing show these fellows that he could afford to despise their cowardly device? (8)
  • Measurelessly to loathe was not sufficient to save him from pain: he tried it: nor to despise; he went to a depth there also. (10)
  • Oh, you are quite right to despise me on account of what I am saying; and, indeed, I am prepared to hear your contempt often. (12)
  • What have the middlemen done but bid for the people they despise and fear, dishonour us abroad and make a hash of us at home? (10)
  • I shall ever despise the man who can be gratified by the passion which he never wished to inspire, nor solicited the avowal of. (4)
  • They must take Lord Ormont for a perfect sphinx; unless they are so silly as to think they may despise him, or suppose him indifferent. (10)
  • Our certainty also misleads us to constrain others to think as we think, and to despise them and persecute them when they differ from us. (5)
  • And I despise Mr. Osier and Mr. Swithin because they have an air of pious agreement with the Dame, and are conspirators behind their mask. (10)

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Definition of despise:

  • despise, de-spz’, v.t. to look down upon with contempt: to scorn. | adj. despis’able. | ns. desp’sal, contempt; despis’edness (_milt._); despis’er. (0)

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