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  • It gives me sincere satisfaction. (4)
  • I am obliged to think them sincere. (10)
  • I have a very sincere interest in Emma. (4)
  • My own joy on the occasion is very sincere. (4)
  • By the nature of it, poetry cannot be sincere. (10)
  • She looked sincere and she dressed inexpensively. (10)
  • His compliments were sincere; they were seductive. (10)
  • We are sincere in trying to express that something. (8)
  • Let him be sincere and noble; but not his own victim. (10)
  • Must we be prosy if we are profoundly, uncynically sincere? (10)
  • I have a sincere regard for you, and I wish to save you pain. (8)
  • In closing may I express to you my deep and sincere sympathy? (12)
  • I am sincere in telling Algy I shall take the name of Blancove. (10)
  • I judge by her way of speaking; that at least appeared sincere. (10)
  • I would rather be paid the compliment of being believed sincere. (4)
  • By her behaviour to her duke, I can judge her to have been sincere. (10)
  • Do not call it cynicism; it is an honest confession of my sincere self. (12)
  • They knew how sweet Dan was, and they believed him most sincere and good. (9)
  • Up to the extent of his knowledge of himself, the man was fairly sincere. (10)
  • You have all read them, though I doubt if you have read one more sincere. (16)
  • His aspirations for art, if not fine, were sufficiently earnest and sincere. (13)
  • His present attentions to your family are very sincere: quite from the heart. (4)
  • Anna replied with a cajolery wonderfully like a sincere expression of her wishes. (10)
  • The storming of the castle was very sincere, and the fortress was honestly defended. (9)
  • There was something very simple, very motherly in her, and something divinely sincere. (9)
  • His use of the word sincere, in connection with Lord Settleham, was at once pounced on. (8)
  • They were none the less sincere because they were not in the least frank with each other. (9)
  • He had before believed her to return his affection with sincere, if not with equal regard. (4)
  • The rain was a mere trifle, and Anne was most sincere in preferring a walk with Mr Elliot. (4)
  • I have made the convenient assumption that the critic needs only permission to be sincere. (16)
  • Nor is the commercial advertisement immune from caustic comment, if the comment is sincere. (16)
  • It seemed ungrateful, but we tried to make that good on a card loaded with sincere compliments. (2)
  • Surely Cecilia, who judged him sincere, might be bent to join hands with him for so good a work! (10)
  • There was little that was sincere, honest, done because the man could do it that way and no other. (13)
  • And the tears I wept for Sir Abraham, Evan, in verity they were tears of deep and sincere gratitude! (10)
  • Bruneau is sincere and earnest in his efforts at realism, but his music is often heavy and uninspired. (3)
  • Nevertheless, his vanity was hurt when he saw she was sincere, and he listened to her, a moody being. (10)
  • When I spoke to her first, she affected no astonishment; never was there a creature so nobly sincere. (10)
  • Who knows but that my guests were sincere in their congratulations on a thoroughly successful evening? (10)
  • Certain people who went in the sincere hope of seeing Noel, only fell off again when she did not appear. (8)
  • They do not pretend; they do not conceal; they flatter no conventions and no prejudices; they are sincere. (16)
  • Her face, full of no nonsense, is decided and sincere, with deep-set eyes, and a capable, well-shaped forehead. (8)
  • He looked the figure of romance and adventure, impressed the circus owner as sincere and was hired on the spot. (21)
  • I rather wished, than believed him to be sincere; but, at any rate, was perfectly ready to accede to his proposal. (4)
  • The brotherly words, so plain, so sincere, had a welcome in them that these poor outcasts of sorrow could not doubt. (9)
  • Indeed, a sincere conviction on this point was like the card one produces before one is admitted to certain functions. (8)
  • She had been used before to feel that he could not be always quite sincere, but now she saw insincerity in everything. (4)
  • She was treated with profound and sincere deference, because of certain humble virtues, the product of her secluded life. (7)
  • It is unquestionably prompted by a spirit of sincere gratitude, and survives as a concession to a supposed public opinion. (16)
  • I promised him I would unreservedly, with a laugh, but with a sincere intention to legislate in a direct manner on his behalf. (10)
  • She by no means intended to encourage love for Emilia, but she hoped for his sake, that the sentiment he had indulged was sincere. (10)
  • These words, few as they were, were spoken with deep feeling, and for the first time, I looked upon the speaker with sincere regard. (6)
  • Love so ardent, so sincere, was never shown by bridegroom elect: and it is not extraordinary to those acquainted with dear Constance. (10)
  • That they ought, above all, to have aroused sincere gratitude, she felt keenly, yet she could not succeed in being especially thankful. (5)
  • But beneath all is still the strong drift of a genuine emotion, a sympathy, deep and sincere, with the poor, the lowly, the unfortunate. (9)
  • Perhaps, after all, her admiration, or whatever feeling it was, for the baronet, was sincere, and really the longing for a virtuous man. (10)
  • You will easily imagine therefore my Dear Marianne that I could not feel any ardent affection or very sincere Attachment for Lady Dorothea. (4)
  • The faith worded so grotesquely could not have been more simply or humbly affirmed, and no man I think could have been more helplessly sincere. (9)
  • Where this people finds the secret of its pretty speeches, I cannot imagine; unless the secret should be no other than a sincere desire to please! (2)
  • Nay, but earnestness works out its own cure more surely than frenzy, and it should be preferable to think him sound of heart, sincere though mistaken. (10)

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Definition of sincere:

  • sincere, sin-sr’, adj. clean: pure: (_b._) unadulterated: being in reality what it is in appearance: unfeigned: frank: honest: true, virtuous. | adv. sincre’ly. | ns. sincre’ness, sincer’ity, state or quality of being sincere: honesty of mind: freedom from pretence. (0)

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