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  • He seldom appeared really animated. (4)
  • It was an animated picture of ideal Italia. (10)
  • Besides, to her the feeling which animated her was no sin. (5)
  • When opinions differ, talk becomes animated, warm, continuous. (16)
  • Both of them were animated by detestation of the Imperial uniform. (10)
  • One cannot despair of an army which is animated with such spirits. (10)
  • It is Puritanism scarcely animated at all by the Puritanic theology. (9)
  • Every one seemed animated by a single desire-to drink again and again. (5)
  • It was a happy circumstance, and animated Mr. Woodhouse for some time. (4)
  • The eyes, from being an instant ago dull carved balls, were animated. (10)
  • The floating of a hawk overhead scarce had the character of an animated thing. (10)
  • At the railroad yards the blazing torches show a picturesque, animated spectacle. (21)
  • But if the scene within was noisy and animated, that without beggars description. (19)
  • Lottie was in open revolt, and animated her young men to a share in the insurrection. (9)
  • It was the sight of her which had animated him to strike his game; he was down on it. (10)
  • As animated, as diversified, as social, but with circumstances of superiority undescribable. (4)
  • But a much more animated colloquy was taking place aloft, where Lucy and Mrs. Berry sat alone. (10)
  • The news soon spread throughout the house, and animated groups were collected, discussing the news. (18)
  • He looked profoundly ashamed of himself, ready as he was for an animated defence of his proceedings. (10)
  • Clara could reunite him, turn him once more into a whole and an animated man; and she might be willing. (10)
  • His wreck, animated by the dim strange fish below, appeared fairer; it winked lurefully when abandoned. (10)
  • A sentence that hung in the memory of one knowing himself to be animated by the wildest genius of folly. (10)
  • And now nothing remains for me but to assure you in the most animated language of the violence of my affection. (4)
  • He told her the tale of Skepsey and Jarniman, colouring it, as any interested animated conduit necessarily will. (10)
  • After a brief but very animated colloquy, Tom returned, and informed that that all was right; he had secured Daly. (6)
  • An animated discussion upon lyrical poetry was here interrupted by a summons from our host to set out for the town. (6)
  • Foremost and wildest among the excited young men who animated the stalls, and rushed about the lobby, was Algernon. (10)
  • Foremost and wildest among the excited young men who animated the stalls, and rushed about the lobby, was Algernon. (22)
  • Eyes of that quality are the visible mind, animated both to speak it and to render it what comes within their scope. (10)
  • Amongst the objects in the scene, they soon discovered an animated one; it was a man on horseback riding towards them. (4)
  • However animated the company, this would happen from time to time; every one knew it, and had become accustomed to it. (12)
  • Other Irish gentlemen, animated by the same swelling degrees, were awaking to the intimation that they might be wanted. (10)
  • Her counsel to her brother, after recounting the offensive scene to him in animated dialogue, was, to give Van Diemen a fright. (10)
  • Her form was well rounded and her face was animated and possessed of one of those kindly benevolent expressions that are heaven-born. (18)
  • The happiness of this most happy day, received its completion, in the animated contemplation of his worth which this comparison produced. (4)
  • But one spirit animated them all, one hope fired all their bosoms, one faith drove them out of the American republic into the wilderness. (19)
  • He could not pursue two thoughts on a political question, or grasp the idea of a salutary energy in the hosts animated by his leadership. (10)
  • Mr. Dacier however was at the time in observation of the towers of Caen, fresh from her presence, animated to some conception of her spirit. (10)
  • Between the Countess, Melville, Sir John, and the Duke, an animated dialogue was going on, over which Miss Current played like a lively iris. (10)
  • The first, called a Studio, was written as a free fugue with running passages; the second, or Divertimento, was more animated and less scholastic. (3)
  • The work is scarcely comparable to the music-dramas, yet every number is animated by the spirit of the words, and it is therefore dramatically true. (3)
  • Any sudden light of happier expectation that might have animated him was extinguished by the flight of chatter following the cry which had sounded like Beauchamp. (10)

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