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  • Death is a defeat. (8)
  • Victory in defeat. (8)
  • I have read of the defeat. (10)
  • Defeat him as you best can. (10)
  • But this would defeat his object. (1)
  • Was that defeat of youth, then, nothing? (8)
  • Song in defeat was a hiss of derision to him. (10)
  • A sense of coming defeat and bereavement was on him. (8)
  • Many men can stand defeat who cannot endure success. (19)
  • Of the defeat and retreat of Hampton they knew nothing. (19)
  • In his defeat, all his terror returned, augmented tenfold. (1)
  • Under a defeat, she would have been angrily self-vindicated. (10)
  • The people were impoverished and smarting with a sense of defeat. (7)
  • She reached Milan in a mood to bear the idea of temporary defeat. (10)
  • And with a feeling of defeat Felix led the way back to the cottage. (8)
  • It seemed a reconcilement of opposing stations, a defeat of Puritanism. (10)
  • This pic-nic surrendered, represented to her defeat in all its ignominy. (10)
  • General Triscoe submitted to defeat with the patience which soldiers learn. (9)
  • When he gives voice, the lions are humiliated and the tigers acknowledge defeat. (21)
  • No doubt you wish to become a saint, and have everybody talking of my last defeat . (10)
  • This was a defeat of all his previous precaution, a deep victory of natural instinct. (8)
  • In the hall was the agent, whose face clearly showed that he had foreseen this defeat. (8)
  • But how of his opinion of her character in the fret of a baffling, a repulse, a defeat? (10)
  • Shrugging and sneering is about as honourable as blazing fireworks over your own defeat. (10)
  • But terrible was the defeat and humiliation for more than 4000 of the French in Louisburg. (19)
  • She had never before seen her mother look as if she heard Defeat passing on its dark wings. (8)
  • The defeat of our common enemies imposes on us the sacred duty of feeding ourselves once more. (8)
  • There is no answer: seed of black defeat She then did sow, and France nigh unto death foredoom. (10)
  • But they were six times outnumbered; fight as they might, their defeat was a foregone conclusion. (19)
  • The joy of her triumph went to her head; she wished to retrieve herself from any shadow of defeat. (9)
  • No swerving from blows was possible for either: ward, or take; a false step would have ensured defeat. (10)
  • What vexed him still more was his own consciousness that he could not defeat this impudent expectation. (9)
  • Mayor Blankenberg, unless I am the worst prophet unhung, will meet with an overwhelming defeat in 1915. (16)
  • I cannot have peace till she is restored; and my prayer is, that I may not haunt her to defeat your labour. (10)
  • No, I never expected such treatment as this from the hands of those whose cause I am endeavoring to defeat. (18)
  • Eltwin rose at the same time, and March feared that he might be going to provoke another defeat, in some way. (9)
  • The groom had just finished putting him to rights; the horse stood ready to be led from the field of his defeat. (8)
  • In his defeat concerning the bath-steward, as he felt it to be, he had not the courage, now, to offer the lower berth. (9)
  • He was quite willing now to do whatever his father wished, but he did not see haw he could face him and own his defeat. (9)
  • But it was curiously observable that the opposing force recovered energy from defeat, while mine languished in victory. (10)
  • Nevertheless, neither party would accept defeat, and for the next few weeks the war of hospitality was fast and furious. (7)
  • The success of Zola as a literary man has its imperfections, its phases of defeat, but his success as a humanist is without flaw. (9)
  • Your duty is to go forward with stout hearts, firm steps, and kindling eyes; in this way alone shall we defeat our common enemies. (8)
  • Adela was suffering from a tendency to levity, which she knew to be unbefitting the occasion, and likely to defeat its significance. (10)
  • As long as I was within sight of the windows, a secret shame and the fear of some laughable defeat withheld me from tampering with Modestine. (2)
  • Those times passed, and there came other times, long years of abeyance, and waiting, and defeat, which I thought would never end, but they passed, too. (9)
  • Moustache, her Field-marshal, had led forth the army, and a battle was now imminent, which like all other battles, must end either in victory or defeat. (5)

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Definition of defeat:

  • defeat, de-ft’, v.t. to frustrate: to ruin. | n. a frustration of plans: ruin: overthrow, as of an army in battle. | n. defeat’ure (_spens._), defeat: disfigurement, disguise. (0)

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