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A sentence for the word discover. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. They use discover in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for discover.

  • I am off to discover. (10)
  • Discover him speedily. (10)
  • How did you discover it? (10)
  • My son will discover where to examine them. (10)
  • I discover ze voice of a Goddess: I adore it. (10)
  • Zotti set out in person to discover Giacinta. (10)
  • She is crucially examined to discover defects. (10)
  • Discover the writers in a day when all are writing! (10)
  • Men with their vanity wounded may discover wonders! (10)
  • Men with their vanity wounded may discover wonders! (22)
  • They might even discover the opinions of the editor. (16)
  • Why, what can you discover to admire in these people? (10)
  • Actually to discover that Mr. Knightley is a gentleman! (4)
  • Upon my word, I discover myself talking wisdom to you. (10)
  • I can no longer discover to my brothers that they are one. (8)
  • I discover that you are the one woman I have always loved. (10)
  • She led the ladies of Moorsedge to discover amusement in it. (10)
  • I spoke of my attempts to discover the whence and wherefore of it. (10)
  • That place is our touchstone to discover whether we have prudence. (10)
  • And how singularly strange that it should fall to her lot to discover it! (4)
  • She might lose consciousness and people might handle her and discover them. (12)
  • They were astonished to discover by the clock, that they had given him ten. (10)
  • He had come in a merely curious mood to discover whether she was one or not. (10)
  • I doubt whether he will return the compliment, and discover her to be a lady. (4)
  • He pledges his oath to discover her mother, if alive; if dead, to avenge her. (10)
  • You wished to discover an independent mind in a woman, my Carlo; did you not? (10)
  • If you can discover legitimate means of dissuasion, it would be well to use them. (8)
  • And not till he reached Piccadilly did he discover that he had only eighteen-pence. (8)
  • My father is going to London with Colonel Forster instantly, to try to discover her. (4)
  • Glancing down again, thrice horrible to her is it to discover that there is no foot! (10)
  • Richard paused to discover whether his instinct had caught a new view from these facts. (10)
  • I am at a loss to discover where I have been guilty, but I take the blame, all the blame. (10)
  • I hoped to discover her secret by seeming to agree with her and appreciate the situation. (12)
  • He had not been able to discover what houses Bosinney had built, nor what his charges were. (8)
  • If there is such a thing as love, we discover it after we have tossed about and roughed it. (10)
  • The father of jokes, he is himself no joke; which it seems the business of men to discover. (10)
  • As soon as I can get her alone, I will discover the real truth; but she seems to wish to avoid me. (4)
  • His principal object must be to discover the number of the hackney coach which took them from Clapham. (4)
  • It was past the hour of my customary visit to Julia, and she came to discover the reason of my delay. (10)
  • The waters are broken, and every nerve and sinew of the artist is strained to discover his own safety. (8)
  • Nothing but his name and naval title was inscribed; no pencilled line; she had not expected to discover one. (10)
  • To realize the futility of some great longing was bitterer than to discover the insufficiency of a human being. (12)
  • He did not discover new continents; and I will own that I, for my part, should not have liked to sail with Columbus. (9)
  • And she was besides keenly curious to discover the nature of the charm Vittoria threw on him, and not on him solely. (10)
  • Ninety very soon find out that they are not, and, having found it out, lest others should discover, they say they are. (8)
  • Dipping further into the secrets of the post, we discover a brisk correspondence between Juliana Bonner and Mrs. Strike. (10)
  • She listened, like Rosamund Culling overborne by Dr. Shrapnel, inwardly praying that she might discover a man to reply to him. (10)
  • So he pronounced his mind, and the long habit of listening to oracles might grow us ears to hear and discover a meaning in it. (10)
  • If we have to pass through anguish to discover it and cherish the peace it gives to clasp it, calling it ours, is a full reward. (10)
  • Emma listened with the warmest concern; grieved for her more and more, and looked around eager to discover some way of being useful. (4)
  • I tried to discover in her some alluring quality, some trace of lost or ruined beauty, some charm, however humble or even perverse. (12)
  • When found so warped, Mr. Pendyce was at a loss, and would walk up and down, earnestly trying to discover what his duty was to them. (8)

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Definition of discover:

  • discover, dis-kuv’r, v.t. to uncover: to lay open or expose: to exhibit: to make known: to find out: to espy. | adj. discoverable. | ns. discov’erer; discov’ery, the act of finding out: the thing discovered. (0)

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